Why Relationship & Lifestyle Coaching?


Learn tools and gain valuable insights that will infuse your life and your relationships with more connection, passion, presence, playfulness, and desire.


Practice healthy ways of connecting with yourself and others through self inquiry, authentic relating, clear communication, and more, so your life and your relationships can flourish.


Create new experiences that empower you to make choices that serve what you truly desire for yourself and for all of your relationships.

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Coaching Testimonials

I have to say this lady knows her stuff!  Her expertise is helping you become empowered in choices you make, seeing beyond your limited views, and finding love and play in all you do.  She has helped me release many old thoughts and behaviors around relationships and life.  I highly recommend her coaching and any work she offers! Alyson Atma Simms

Teacher & Owner, Atma's Offerings, Atma's Offerings

Laurie is a fantastic coach.  My wife and I were at odds with each other.  We tried many other counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and various support groups.  We wrote in many forums (about 7) requesting some understanding of our particular situation. Conventional coaches/counselors did not understand.  Laurie was the only person who truly understood our particular problem.  She did not push either of us and we learned to trust her.  It was difficult in the beginning, there was some very hard, volitale, and emotional sessions.  Laurie was able to handle these very difficult sessions with professionalism and kindness while calmly taking control.  Without Laurie‘s guidance we would be divorced today.  Thank you Laurie Steve Kopas

Austin, TX

Laurie has been instrumental in providing support as well as a healthy perspective to my relationship with my boyfriend. She has walked the walk, and has a passion for bringing the conversation about relationships to people. She is very skilled and very practical about creating what two people are interested in having or exploring. I think she is an important mentor to any couple and I have always felt safe, confident, listened to, and intellectually met with Laurie. Paige Prince

Austin, TX

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