The Truth Is… Love > Fear

I am continuously moved by how often I see myself, and others, choose to be quiet, and hold back in expressing what is going on in the moment.  So often I hear people say they can’t say or do certain things because they don’t want to upset their partner.

What I have found is the more I speak up, even if I don’t know what to say or how to say it…  Meaning the more I say yes to even beginning to share what is going on for me, regardless of how uncomfortable I may feel in the process, the more I see how much I contribute to either separation or connection in my deepest relationships.

When I choose to begin to share what my experience is (and I am talking about triggers, fears, vulnerabilities, etc.. you know … the one’s that we try to hide)… the sooner I acknowledge and share, with a willingness to follow through and trust that whatever is coming up, is for me to see, learn from and let go of… the sooner there is relief, and when there is relief, there is joy, there is deepening of love and appreciation for my experience as a human being, saying yes to life, and all of it’s complexities, AND sharing that with another is beyond beautiful.

To me, it is connection, intimacy and love, in a very raw and vulnerable state.  To see another and be seen with the eyes of deep presence is beyond beautiful… it’s bliss.

Laurie Ellington

Laurie Ellington

Relationship Coach at
I teach people how to break through false beliefs and negative behavior patterns. I offer my clients tools that empower their life and their relationships.
Laurie Ellington




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