Breakthroughs in Coaching

Wow!  Another breakthrough in my coaching practice.  I am amazed how clients come to me with the very issues I am dealing with/wanting to shift in my own life.

Today’s client spoke of inaction, a feeling of passivity, getting stuck, unable to move forward.  His experience was not tied to a romantic relationship, rather life in general.  As I welcomed his experience into my awareness, I was able to offer specific, pointed questions, allowing him to see with his own eyes that his inaction was tied to negative/false beliefs… “I’m not good enough, I’m unworthy, etc”.  From there, and without diving into the past and trying to fix it, he was able to see how the beliefs were created in childhood experiences.

At this point, I asked specific questions… “Is this true? Is it true that you are unworthy, not good enough, etc?”  In that moment he said… “I know I am lacking certain skills, but that doesn’t mean I am unworthy, not good enough. ” BINGO!!!

Knowing what we need… in his case “certain skills”… can help us (can help him) dispel the old/negative beliefs.  As we develop new skills, we feel more empowered, we create new experiences.  The result?… A sense of joy in being who we are, achieving our goals, seeking out our desires, and ways to fulfill them.

Today’s client really impacted me. I got a sense that the work I do not only helps my clients, it also helps me.  What a gift.  Thank you!!!

Laurie Ellington

Laurie Ellington

Relationship Coach at
I teach people how to break through false beliefs and negative behavior patterns. I offer my clients tools that empower their life and their relationships.
Laurie Ellington




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