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Coaching Testimonials

Laurie’s coaching sessions have been super helpful. I’ve gained significant insights & techniques to create healthy communication & a clear foundation for more loving relationships. I really appreciate Laurie’s authentic approach in her guidance. Blessings!

Amanda Metcalf

Oakland, CA, Teacher & Owner, Source Creation

I have to say this lady knows her stuff!  Her expertise is helping you become empowered in choices you make, seeing beyond your limited views, and finding love and play in all you do.  She has helped me release many old thoughts and behaviors around relationships and life.  I highly recommend her coaching and any work she offers!

Alyson Atma Simms

Austin, TX, Teacher & Owner, Atma's Offerings, Atma's Offerings

Working with Laurie Ellington has been transformative for me.  Laurie has really helped me put things into perspective and guided me in how to take care and love myself. She’s helped me accept that it’s OK to be me, and to be vocal about it, instead of hiding myself away and repressing my feelings. She listens closely and asks pertinent questions, and has the ability to make you look objectively at yourself by reflecting back what you have revealed in a way that lets you see the truth in your situation, to help you learn and make informed decisions on what to do next. I leave each session so far energized and more confident in myself and who I am. I cannot recommend her more highly. Thanks, Laurie!

Dionisio Don Traverso Jr,

Madison, WI

Laurie is a fantastic coach.  My wife and I were at odds with each other.  We tried many other counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and various support groups.  We wrote in many forums (about 7) requesting some understanding of our particular situation. Conventional coaches/counselors did not understand.  Laurie was the only person who truly understood our particular problem.  She did not push either of us and we learned to trust her.  It was difficult in the beginning, there was some very hard, volitale, and emotional sessions.  Laurie was able to handle these very difficult sessions with professionalism and kindness while calmly taking control.  Without Laurie‘s guidance we would be divorced today.  Thank you Laurie.

Steve Kopas

Austin, TX

I came into the session with a lot of questions about partnership, as well as the unspoken context of ‘Is it OK to do what I’m doing / want what I want?’  YES!  Consulting with Laurie, I felt heard and regarded with compassion.  She gave me some great tools to help my relationships thrive, and answered all of my questions in detail.  I greatly appreciate her clarity, immense energy and positivity, and the personal experience from which she speaks.  Highly recommended!

Jesse French

Austin, TX

Laurie has been instrumental in providing support as well as a healthy perspective to my relationship with my boyfriend. She has walked the walk, and has a passion for bringing the conversation about relationships to people. She is very skilled and very practical about creating what two people are interested in having or exploring. I think she is an important mentor to any couple and I have always felt safe, confident, listened to, and intellectually met with Laurie.

Paige Prince

Austin, TX

My experience working with Laurie has been truly amazing. Before we began working together, I had met and known her through Circling Austin and Ecstatic Dance Austin. After we had a couple opportunities to connect, this strong feeling in me arose. I felt like there were important things I was needing to learn from her. A few weeks later I had my exploratory session and I booked 4 sessions with her.

Laurie has a naturally calming presence (even on the phone!) and it is incredibly easy to drop in with her. Once we are dropped in, Laurie effortlessly creates the space for whatever you want to share, create, let go of and get support with. She listens deeply, reflects back and asks questions.

She is helping me increase my ability to really love myself, let go of what isn’t serving me and discover my truth. I always leave our sessions feeling energized, inspired and equipped. I highly recommend Laurie as a relationship and lifestyle coach!

Michele Wellington

Austin, TX

This winter I had the pleasure of working with Laurie Ellington. While I am in a monogamous relationship, I felt very met by Laurie’s approach and style. I truly felt supported and free to express my thoughts, feelings, and desires in a way that felt safe and caring. Laurie has a very calm presence and helped me express what I want from relationships – in romance, work, and friendship. She helped me overcome some of the shame and frustration I was directing at myself, and supported my work to develop in self-compassion. One aspect or her approach that is really special is that she met me right were I was at and helped reassure me that I was not alone in my feelings – but in a way that was compassionate and empowering rather than enabling. She is an incredible woman and I am grateful for the time I spent working with her!

Dayna Fo

Austin, TX

I can’t say enough about Laurie.  She is one of the few people I’ve ever met that manages to make EVERYTHING fun – without losing depth or intimacy.  Whatever she does, she does with joy, and that includes turning relationships from a scary, mine-laden unknown into playtime.

Sara Ness

Austin, TX

During our sessions, I am consistently amazed in her ability to richly illustrate for me the relationships I have with my world and guide me to the gems of wisdom available for all who have eyes to see them.  The grace and joy she brings into her coaching makes the work feel like play, and after every session with Laurie my sense of self is nourished, leaving me a man better capable of giving my unique gifts to the world.

Jeff Smajstrla

Austin, TX

Laurie has a gift for listening deeply and reflecting clearly. We were curious about polyamory and she shared useful perspective, while leaving space for us to explore on our own.  Sean and I are both grateful for the tools Laurie shared with us for communicating authentically about uncomfortable material and being truer to ourselves and each other.

Kristin Sundberg and Sean Maher

Austin, TX

We came across Laurie during an online search for some help in improving our relationship.

Little did we know how amazing she would be in not just that aspect of our lives, but in a whole host of others;  in a very short period, we found that she’s most qualified to help us in matters that range from family relationships, to spiritual growth, and others.

Right alongside her gentle demeanor is a take-charge persona that can help get couples past their emotions to the root of what they need to improve on.

We believe that relationships take an enormous amount of guidance & communication–and it’s so much harder to go it alone. If you have any desire to be improve yours, you need Laurie’s guidance.

I have been in longstanding monogamous relationships my entire life. Discussing a possible alternative to this could have been a cause for anxiety or even shame. Laurie’s accepting and measured advice put me at complete ease. She helped me better understand the options we all have and offered strategies to help me better identify the kind of relationship I want without dishonor, disloyalty or guilt.


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